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life is a gift


"You broke the cage and flew."


Pavel Timashkov, shaman, healer, guide


I am a shamanic healer, practitioner, teacher and a qualified wilderness guide. I have been living, practising and studying shamanism for over 15 years. I have conducted hundreds of hours of healing and shamanic counselling ceremonies, and spent hundreds of days out in the wild. My teacher is Chris Lüttichau of Northern Drum.

For me being a shaman is a never-ending quest for a strong path – the path of responsibility, the path of respect, the path of being in service, the path of remembrance that I am a human being.

When Life Becomes Art

They say that in the old times in Mexico, the word for a human was an Artist. My work is much about reminding myself that I am the artist of my life and living that way. Then, I guide others who search for it to become life artists. That happens through healing, ceremony, contemplation, walk, and at times through seeing oneself while facing the wildness of nature.


While guiding, my compass's bearing is set towards the awake call and into the Second Dream, where life is real, mysterious and exciting, where anything is possible. When you step into the Second Dream, you know that Life is a Gift.


  • Ph.D. Mathematical Economics, Russia, Moscow

  • MSc. Applied Mathematics, Russia, Moscow

  • International Wilderness Guide, Finland, Kuru

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