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wilderness expeditions

While in the wild, there is no escape from one-self..., while on the edge, one finds himself completely alive

Winter expedition - Pavel.JPG

Photo: Syöte National Park, Finland, 2019

expeditions & trips

In a nut shell: individual (bespoke) and group expeditions and trips from 5 to 14 days of different levels of difficulty, for all levels of fitness

When and where: summer and winter, Scandinavia being the main destination

For whom: for adventurers, nature lovers, and for those willing to slow down

Price: depends on the season and program

Some past winter trips:

I was guiding a few trips with a well-established Finnish company Upitrek. I have know the owner of the company for some years. Urpo is a man of great integrity and care, which translates into the work he and his company does.

22 - 28 February 2020Kalevala Ski Tour, Kalevala Park, Finland

This is a demanding ski tour program for experienced skiers, covering 150 km in five days.  

This ski tour takes you to the forests of northeast Finland, close to the Russian border, where the nature lays under a thick covering of snow making it a place of peace and spectacular beauty. The route passes through the extensive nature reserve of Kalevala Park whose geography is dominated by hills, forests, mires, lakes and rivers.

1 - 7 March 2020Off trails -snowshoeing, Hossa National Park, Finland

On this snowshoeing tour you will get to explore the 'taiga' forests of eastern Finland. The week in the remote, silent wilderness, still safely and comfortably, is a great escape from the hustle and hassle of daily life. Our route goes mostly in Hossa national park through snow white forests, along ridges and over frozen lakes. Each night you will accommodate in a wilderness cabin, some of them without modern facilities but however with cosy atmosphere.

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