SHAMANIC ceremonies

Ceremony …

a heartfelt conversation with the Great Mystery

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shamanic healing

In a nut shell: 2 - 3 hour shamanic ceremony designed to activate healing and bring balance

When and where: in person or on-line

For whom: for people looking for and ready for healing

Price: £190 or £90 (concession); home visit £240

I would encourage you to have a prior free talk on the phone, so I could answer your questions and we would see what is needed

Detailed description:

Studying and practicing healing for years, doesn't make it easier to define it. I am aware that however accurate the definition can be, it will not encompass all the mystery and totality of what healing really is.


Briefly, healing is a task of bringing balance into one, be it a human being or not. Shaman stalks missing parts of totality and brings them back. He also perceives and removes anything alien that settled into one, that causes imbalance. Healing is an intricate negotiation between a shaman and the spirit of an illness.


Shaman is a mere conductor of the healing ceremony, a 'hollow bone' when at his best, while it is spirits who bring and allow the healing.

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shamanic ceremonies

In a nut shell: ceremonies of initiation, transition, empowering and healing

When and where: when the time is right; at the suggested site or the place of your choosing

For whom: for people looking to step into something new, to start a fresh life chapter

Price: indicative price from £450 per day

If you are thinking of a ceremony, I would encourage you to contact me for a free talk on the phone.

Detailed description:

Ceremonies are mysterious and seen to allow for quantum leaps in one's spiritual and life journeys. They require discipline of presence and being real. Each action, inaction, word and silence has its weight in the ceremony. Ceremonies allow the Universe, the All Creation to know our new initiated state, transitioned state, to see us in full power and strength.


The rites of passage are examples of traditional initiation ceremonies into the adulthood. Coming into life and leaving the life for death are the other two transition points that traditionally had ceremonies built around them to voice to the world the coming and going, to welcome and to say good-bye, to awaken and to bring closure.


There are many other doorways which we walk through that would greatly benefit from a ceremony, - becoming a parent, a grandparent, a couple, a keeper of knowledge, a guardian of tradition, a healer, a brother or a sister, and so many more.

There are ceremonies designed for empowering. The word power can bring some uneasy connotations. By empowering we mean hunting for personal medicine power. Through filling oneself with medicine power one not only capable of maintaining harmony within himself, but starts to radiate it outside, bringing it to the wider circle of people. 


Gaining personal power is a many-fold exercise, however the two major duties are (1) to stalk and hunt what depletes one and (2) at the same time discover ways to source power from Mother Nature. The empowering ceremonies are built around these two cornerstones.

If you feel like you are ready for something new, for a fresh chapter in your life, it is the time for your Ceremony.