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SHAMANIC counselling

Through complete presence in listening, without thoughts, opinions, likes and dislikes, I see the council way

Background photo by Vladimir Koss

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shamanic counselling

In a nut shell: five individual 1.5-hour weekly sessions aimed to find clarity on your next steps. Each session involves shamanic journeying

When and where: on-line

For whom: for the people who undergo a process of questioning their current state of being (e.g., career, relationship, health, purpose) or need to make a big decision from a grounded place

Price: currently not offered to new clients

Detailed description:

Shamanic path is a path of self-authority and self-respect. During Shamanic Counselling the counsell is coming from a direct contact with your higher self. Medicine person is just a witness.

Each session begins with instructions on the process and fine-tuning the question / enquiry which you have. We look at the previous session(s) and track the progress. When you are clear with the exact phrasing of your question, I guide you to safely start your shamanic journey with the drum. I am only a witness. I give your journey all my presence while you are speaking it aloud.  If you come upon an obstacle that is difficult to overcome or you get stuck, I am there to gently help. The journey is yours.

After each journey I will ask you to look back into it and see for clarity and insights. I might point you at things which I witnessed strongly on your journey, yet were missed from your recall. Between each session you will outline an action for oneself based on your counsel.


During these sessions you will find a gateway for easy access to your higher self guidance.

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