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While in the wild, there is no escape from one-self..., while on the edge, one finds himself completely alive

wilderness expeditions

Winter river - Jana - S.jpg

Photo by Jana Schett: Hammastunturi Wilderness Area,

Finland, 2019

alone with the alone

skiing expedition with group & solo

In a nut shell: 10-day skiing expedition with sledges. Sleeping in tents and loue (type of shelter). Intensive and attentive winter camping training. Skiing with the group and on your own (optional and with guides' approval)

When and where: dates TBC, Hammastunturi Wilderness Area, Finland

Difficulty: challenging

For whom: for adventurers

Group size: 4 ( + two wilderness guides)

Learning outcomes: (1) putting-up different types of shelter in winter, (2) setting up a camp, (3) back country skiing techniques, (4) orienteering with map and compass, (5) landscape reading, (6) planning a route, (7) making fire in winter conditions, (8) safe use of knife and axe, (9) cooking on the open fire, (10) nature knowledge, (11) other skills.

Price: TBC


Price includes (1) single-time transfer from/to Ivalo airport, (2) hotel accommodation in double rooms on nights 1, 2 and 9, shared tents and loue on nights 2 - 8, (3) dinners x 9, lunches x 8 and breakfasts x 9, (4) evening sauna on days 2 and 9, (5) sledge for each participant, (6) ski equipment (skis, poles), (7) spare compass, (8) camping gear, (9) individual knife, saw and axe

your guides

Pavel Timashkov IWG.jpg

Pavel Timashkov, Finland 2019,

Photo by Vladimir Koss

Pavel Timashkov, 

International Wilderness Guide


Accomplished and attentive professional guide with years of experience in safely taking care of people in nature environment.


Born in Russia in a village and acquired knowledge of nature and bushcraft skills from an early age. Great cross-country skier who feels at home in the winter environment.

Read more about Pavel in here.

Sofia Tammi IWG.jpg

Sofia Tammi, Finland 2019

Photo by Vladimir Koss

Sofia Tammi,

International Wilderness Guide 


Qualified International Wilderness Guide and Nature Connection Guide, as well as a qualified Relaxation and Meditation Instructor with degrees in tourism and business.

Born in Finland and grew up in the city of Tampere. A true nature person who knows her way around in the wild and wants to share the beauty and uniqueness of her homeland with everyone interested throughout all seasons.

Read more about Sofia in here.

Winter Forest - Sun - Small.JPG
Winter camp Syotte - Pavel Timashkov.jpg
IWG23.Story- Aurora Borealis - small - V

Detailed description

A 10-day off-track skiing expedition in Hammastunturi Wilderness Area of Finland. After a few days of skiing together in a small group, along with intensive and attentive bushcraft training from the guides, you will have an opportunity to go on your own for two days. It is a chance to face and meet oneself. To be Alone with the Alone. To meet the mystery. We place much emphasis on preparation and safety. This experience is led by two qualified wilderness guides Pavel Timashkov and Sofia Tammi.

Day 1: Arrival

Arrival at Ivalo airport and meeting with the guides. Transfer to a comfortable hotel where we stay for the first two nights. After late dinner we get together for a brief introduction of the group and to outline the plans ahead.

Day 2: Trying out the skies and gear packing

In the morning we go out on the skis. You get introduced to main skiing techniques and try to pull a sledge through different terrains. After outdoor lunch prepared on the open fire, we return back to the hotel to check and assign gear and pack the trailer for the expedition. In the evening, we relax in traditional Finnish sauna to set ourselves ready for the expedition.

Day 3: First steps into the wild

We begin early in the morning and drive to Hammastunturi Wilderness area to start our expedition. While we progress into the wilderness, you learn about nature around us. You start to learn about our physical capacities as well. We stop to make fire and prepare our lunch and hot drinks. Later in the day we set up a camp. For this night we use a bigger communal tent. After hot meal, there is time to learn about safe use of knife, saw and axe. This is a perfect day to look into the landscape reading and maps.

Day 4: The base camp

After early morning hot breakfast, we break down the camp and continue our journey. We check how you pack your sledge and encourage you to use your map and compass. We will constantly refer to the map and compass, so you start to feel familiar with these tools and the land. In the evening we will set up our base camp. We will help you to become comfortable with building your fire in a safe and sustainable way.

Video by Pavel Timashkov: Camp with loue set in Hammastunturi Wilderness Area, Finland, 2019

Day 5: Orienteering and loue setting; getting ready

After breakfast, we split into two teams. This day you master your skills of orienteering with map and compass, without the weight of sledges. You also learn how to set your loue (one person open shelter). This is a challenging, but exciting, playful and extremely rewarding day. You find that you are ready and willing to go on your own. In the evening we give you your routes for your solo trips with some alternative options. We go through safety plan and evacuation procedures.

Day 6: Alone with the Alone

After hearty breakfast together, final check of your gear and agreement on the rules and procedures to ensure health and safety of everyone, you start your own trip to meet the mystery. It is a great opportunity to be Alone with the Alone, to slow down and meet oneself, to restructure. We place safety procedures in place to ensure your safety. (Note: solo skiing is optional and subject to both guides' approval. Safety rules and protocols are sent separately upon registration and must be read and signed within one week of registration)

Day 7: Alone with the Alone

The second day of your solo adventure. After you had your breakfast, packed your gear and checked the camp for leaving no trace you start your journey back to the base camp. The route is different to the one you took the day before. You make your hot drink and lunch in the mid day. When you arrive to the base camp in the second part of the day we prepare a delicious meal  for you and have a little celebration.

Day 8: Back together

After breakfast we start our journey back to the starting point following a different route. This is a long day on the skies. There is more time to absorb landscapes and learn about nature. We cook lunch and dinner together as one team. This is the last night when we all sleep in our loues. You learn a new way of putting up your shelter.

Day 9: The luxury of sauna and bed

After early breakfast we start our final leg of the journey. We have our last outdoor lunch and get to the trailer in the early afternoon. After arriving to the hotel, we take care of the gear and give thanks to it. Then we treat ourselves to sauna, hot dinner in the hotel and another little celebration. It is time when you can ask questions and when we give you some hints on further mastering your skills.

Day 10: Good-byes

After early breakfast we transfer you to Ivalo airport and say good-byes.

If you require additional information, please contact us via "Start your journey now" form located  below.

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